Big Volume Wheel for iPad (w/Mute) App Reviews

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This is a bad design and it's not even Worth the $.99 you charge for this application

Terrible App

This wheel is way too sensitive and extremely dangerous. I had my headphones on and clicked on the left part of the wheel, went to 99 percent, about blasted my ear drums out. seems like you could develop the app to only go up 1%, slowly and have a volume limit. do not buy,


Not worth $0.99

Big volume wheel WORKS

My iPad cover pouch makes it hard to reach the up & down volume buttons. This app gives me a easier option to control volume,,, and for 99 cents, it is well worth it. The only feature I would add is to be able to put the "volume control icon" on top of each app, instead of having to minimize app to get to Big Volume Wheel controls.


Why bar not all the way across so you can have more precise control?

Cheap fix for a broken volume control button

My 18 month old daughter dropped our iPad squarely on the volume control button. This dented the case in and wedged the volume button on down. This app allows us to override the defunct volume button and increase volume so we can get sound from our iPad once again!

Highly NOT reccomnded

I'm using my iPad to stream music to my stereo. I was looking for this type of app to allow me to quickly up or down the volume from the screen. The description states that it works just like the volume control in your car. Definitely NOT. If you press and hold the knob at the top of the volume control to adjust the volume, it instantly jumps to 25% volume level. If you press it on the right it suddenly jumps to 75% volume level. INSTANTLY TOO LOUD. Doesn't work like a real volume control. I've never seen a volume control on a stereo do that. When they fix it I will give it a higher rating. Needs work. Make the tooty-fruity strobing color in the background optional too.


Wanted to use a volume control that is easier to adjust while using backtracks on singing gigs. Problem is this volume wheel is jerky and unpredictable - touch it and it jumps the volume level this way and that way. Not good.

iPad volumn

I cannot get any additional volumn for live TV On my iPad2??? Why not?

Fine control of volume level

Not super elegant...but it does allow you to achieve levels of low volume that you can't otherwise.

Refreshing, Cool concept

I just love the volume knob. Recommended fully!

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